While we know absurdities of the New year celebration cannot escape a skeptic, we recollect some of the instants that made 2013. Here is what we think is some of the biggest things that happened in 2k13.

RIP Nirbhaya:

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Indias Unified anguish On Nirbhaya . The previously reported 2 lakhs rape cases were not sufficient for us. So we stood up against rape. But in vain.Then we felt government has already raped us more.

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Tweet To Stop Corruption:

Tweets,Retweets to stop corruption in social media grew up. Narendra Modi social campaign online worked even better than Congress campaign onsite.

Mallika ka Jalwa:

Mallika singing Happy B’day to NaMo. She seductively wished the most eligible bachelor in our country . Suddenly Modi has a fan. offcourse a pakka drame-baaz. This made us to think about Marliyn singing Happy b’day to John F Kennedy when he turned 45


Angelina Jolie stunned the world when she revealed that she’d undergone a preventive double mastectomy..Men wept

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Uttarakhand Floods:

India unified for Utatkhand flood victims and raised millions in order to protect them. One of the deadliest land slides and floods India has ever faced

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Undeserved Blockbusters:

Chennia Express and Krish 3 making Biggest blockbusters-Sigh. The fact is that Chennai Express was released in over 3500 screens all over the world. The movie gave no option to the audience but too watch it

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Dig the Gold to Dig the Nose:

Indian Governments desperate gold digging.Credits to Seer Shobhan Sarkar.

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Miley’s Kamasutra:

Miley Cyrus and her favourite positions 🙂

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Fast and Furious walker:

Paul walker goes to heaven.

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