In a high level, we reviewed some famous books looking at the mind the Indian audience and we come up with the books for september 2014. Here is our list and a quick review.

1.A Short Guide To A Long Life


Author: David Bagus
Publishers: Simon & Schuster
Agus is known for his knowledge in medicine and confidence in writing.
One of the easy to read , 65 simple tip s for a healthier lifestyle. Even though the author presents these tips seems to be common knowledge, but this book will make you rethink when you take these common knowledge for granted.He describes these tips with scientific reasons and implications. David’s easy language and personalised style gives the reader a pleasure to read.


2.Be Careful What You Wish For.


Author: Jeffrey Archer
Publishers: Macmillan

No, the clifton chronicles doesn’t disappoint us. Infact, this is an exceptional fast paced turner which keeps you excited and entertained. This is the fourth book in the clifton chronicles and the cliffhanger at the end certainly makes the reader to preorder the fifth book.
Note: prior knowledge of what occurred in the series is a must.





3. Maverick Minds

Author: Anubha Singhania

The book is about the packaged experiences of ten entrepreneurs and  their journey towards success in Maverick Minds.The book also provides advices that will be useful for managers.
Nope, Its not a robin sharma kind of book as the advice offered is limited to the area of entrepreneurship.





4.The Mouse Merchant


Author: Arshia Sattar
Publishers:Allen Lane,Penguin

Author Arshia Sattar gives a nostalgic vision in this book by compiling excerpts from classical Indian tradition with a surprising theme- money.
She revisits the stories of Indian folklore and depicts the role of money in these stories which she claims to hold surprising parallels regarding the current socioeconomic status.






5. Supertraits Of Superstars

Author: Priyanka Singh Jha
Publishers: Rupa

Priyanka makes this a no step to step rules for a self help book. She presents ancedotes from the lives of celebrities.It gives a sense of unique character in each famous personality. Easy language and simplicity of the expressed ideas along with its charming illustrations are the huge selling points but somewhere the formula lacks innovations and seems repetitive.


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