I am in a café now and I want to write something & I start with this- A blank page, a pen & an empty title. That’s exactly what you want. Right? But why the fcuk should I even write, when I really don’t know where to start? The point is simple- I enjoy writing. So, shall we start? Hell yes, we definitely will & guess what? we will put a title at the end. There are many titles in my mind already & it asks me to add here but no- let me delay it till the end. In the end-It will all make complete sense or it doesn’t matter- Linkin Park style.

Time to jump to a new paragraph but I am still blank. I sip my warm water out of the bottle as I grip my pen. See this AI-powered Robotic pen makes marvels, lettering by itself & it sees that one fine day this will be digitally transliterated to a blog or social media. Ah yes, the crunchy chicken burger that I ordered just got delivered. It can wait- but my write up cannot.
See the Bliss of writing something useless or useful makes your mind artistic even though you don’t know what the fcuk it is. I have already completed a page in this diary out of nothing- absolutely nothing.

The point is simple- when you want to do something, start. There is no exact time or exact idea, you just need to start. I wanted to start writing, in fact, start typing to be precise but I didn’t have my laptop. So, I searched my bag for the tools & yes, I got a diary & pen. If I didn’t get this diary & pen, I would have started typing in a mobile notepad or borrowed pen & paper from somewhere. It’s the will to do it matters- procrastinate the laziness.

So, the ask is simple -Start where you are & with what you have. You can put the title or name later. Do not worry of when & how it will end. Enjoy the journey, leave the destination at its own place. This is the point of Holy Bhagwad Gita as well. I stress here, Enjoy the journey.

There are so many books written that talks about the measure of success, reaching your destination, finding your vision and what not etc. Eventually, people have realized that it’s all bull shit & it’s all about relishing your journey & that’s how the book ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck by Mark Manson’ became an instant best seller- using the core idea that is ‘Enjoy the journey- forget the outcome’. Ironically, it was something which Bhagwad Gita said from 5000 years.

So here we are- a dressed content from zero & yes, we now have a title ‘The Art of Writing from Nothing’. Now let me relish that chicken burger while it lasts. Cheers.

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