I was guilty of not writing many blogs these days. I have a pile of books waiting to be read and review. I am a business analyst in profession so there is one complicated data mapping that is pending to be completed and signed off. But still, I am guilty of not writing enough blogs. 

Seriously, Am I even serious enough in life??

This is the life of a blogger, craving to keep writing even when you really have no time.Sometimes the topic can be as silly as ‘How my weekend go’. It would be embarassing to read this after an year, but anyways I am going to write this.

I always love to be very productive in life and keep myself as busy and efficient as I can. This helps me to be positive. ‘Being positive’ is the most important habit that I have cultivated in the recent years.

This weekend started with ‘advising’ my Sister to be more responsible and patient in life. She lost her home keys and was complaining all the time of how screwed up her life is these days. I think I have motivated her enough to not complain and instead be patient and focus on solutions. Everything happens for good learning. She eventually smiled. 

I celebrated my aunts birthday with getting her a small cake. It brings smile and when you do it consistently.That was a great family time. I realized that the work -friends -family balance should be kept for us to lead a happy life.

I watched ‘Captain America- Civil war’ movie with my cool gang of friends. This never seized to disappoint me. A great background score, nice actions, nice dialogues. Inshort this is better than Avengers in action but can’t beat DeadPool’s humor. Best scene not to be missed is ‘Spider man’ being bullied yet being awesomest. A must watch movie.

I also attended the Indiblogger meetup. This time it was more of undertanding micronutrients and horlicks role of providing nutients for the childrens.I did receive two bottles of horlicks. I would start creating a more healthier diet from monday. I have learnt much more things in my life about nutrition and I hope I implement the learnings

Found this really motivating blog as well. I suggest you read this for some good motivation and experiments with productivity.


A fine wine to end a nice weekend with a book in my hand. 

Stay tuned for more.

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Prakhyath Rai
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