Name of the Book: A Country for Men

Author: Rohit Kumar Singh Jadon (RKSJ)

Publisher: Blackbuck Publication.

About the Author: Rohit Kumar Singh Jadon (RKSJ) has always taken a keen interest in travelling and the questions about life, which are hard to answer. This novel is his attempt to answer these questions, which crop up in almost everyone’s mind. An engineer by profession and a writer by passion; the passion has taken over his profession and he is now totally driven towards writing. He can be reached on gmail – and followed on Twitter with Name


Blurb: A girl born in India is considered to be a liability right from her birth, she has to suffer at different stages of her life from the very people who were supposed to love her, cherish her. The increasing number of rapes and other dreadful incidents has made things worse for them; now they aren’t safe even inside their homes. The whole system has failed the women of India comprehensively; this book is a historical, geographical and social view of the hate culture that the women are forced upon in this country ever since WP_002066


As the blurb clearly states, A Country for Men talks about how India has become one of the worst place to live as far as the safety of women is considered. It also features the different faces of cruelty that women of India is facing each day like different rape cases, dreadful acts etc. This book gives light on all the major rape cases including the dreadful act that happened on 16th Dec 2012 due to which the brave 23 year old girl was lost because of massive internal injuries after battling for almost 12 days followed by the sudden eruption of protests  that started from Delhi and then gradually spreads over the whole nation in next couple of days. Well, that makes India to rank #3 for the most dangerous place for women.The book gives the stats of rape cases in each state and describes on how it has increased over the decade. The increased rape problems in India is mainly of  2 things:

  • India has deeply rooted social discrimination against women.
  • India’s rule of law is loose and government is lacking in its management skills for tackling these cases

More than 50% of rape cases were not reported by the victim fearing the shame that follows and unfortunately  the brave ones who report the FIR,  goes through the procedures that follow which are even more humiliating and traumatic for the victim.



Shocking news from this book is that 45 women were raped by police while in custody. Plus, After going all the hurdles , the victim face long duration of trials and many cases are often dropped and acquitted long before all the evidences is heard and judgement is given. This clearly shows that system has failed miserably to safeguard Indian women. WP_002068


Frustrated Author through this book made a bold attempt to put a light on various serious issues faced by women in India and if this doesn’t stop then India would be just be “A Country for Men”.



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