Book Review- A Trunk Full Of Sunshine By Sapna Dhyani Devrani
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This book unlocks a trunkful of heart warming, tickling and emotional memories that the author has collected over a period of fourteen years, having been married to an army officer. She narrates her everyday tales filled with laughter, glee and myriad emotions. The stories will tickle your funny bone, warm the cockles of your heart, and at times touch an emotional chord inside you. The book is a light read which any person can relate to. This book does not look to glorify the armed forces nor is it a travelogue. It is yours and mine everyday stories. Armed forces families can be easily classified as the gypsies of modern India, moving from station to station, settling in one corner of the country for two to three years, before packing up again and moving to a new location. However, each station and house that they live in, leaves them with a rich trove of memories and experiences, which get packed with their trunks, once it’s time to move on


This book is short- so I will keep my review short.
A Trunk Full of Sunshine is an easy but humorous read. Sapna brings positivity in her writings and blends it with a little paste of feminism.
Many parts of the book are humorous and brings enthusiasm and perfect for a light read.
It’s more of an autobiography than a tale. I didn’t like the way the story was sequenced and many places wanted better description and characterization.

Outer beauty- Blurb gives you the right expectations but Cover could have been designed better.

It was a good read for me, but I wish the plot was better and the stories were sequenced better.
I would recommend this book for ladies who would love to get some motivation but please don’t expect any twists or thrills here because its just a plain fun read.

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