Book Review: Aqson Level 1 by Sreejib
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“Slowly, she sauntered towards Toya, stopped a few feet away, looked into Toya’s eyes, and roared. It was an ear-splitting, feet-numbing, rib-shaking roar that promised death. This was the end of her, Toya knew.

This was how she would die. In this unknown museum at the hands of this Olympian lioness, and, she would never be found again.”

When it became impossible to choose between God and Satan, angels decided to play games. Games that would help them pick the guardian angel of this world. Every warrior angel got divided into two teams, Team God and Team Lucifer.

Strict rules were implemented, an unusual map was designed and a council was set up to administer these games. Satan has commenced one such game called Aqson and set the Indian Prime Minister’s position as the goal of this game.

Now, a completely unknown species will collide with humans to play a game where losing is not figurative. Angels will stoop to enter the grunge of Indian politics.
A grey eyed lioness will stop at nothing. And, a group of young boys and girls will be forced to rise above their identity to play and win Level 1 of Aqson.

Pick a side, because the game has begun.


So, the real author of this brilliant book is Koel Ganguli who chose Sreejib as her pseudonym because it is her husband’s name who passed away in 2014 due to Leukemia.

First things first- What a weird title for a book right? but trust me- I love the title which makes complete sense to what is in it. Aqson is an Indian Fantasy fiction and it comprises of the game between team Lucifer and team God, where the goal is to become the Prime Minister of India.

“Support your opposition when they do something right, because every opposition is a probable alliance.”. So, I have been reading political fiction for some time. In the likes of Chess Without a queen , The Last Bloom By Poulomi Sengupta– This book easily stands to my favorite book of 2018 so far and I highly doubt if there would be another book beating this at least in 2018.

Sreejib gives us a look at this fantasy which is both grim and thoughtful. The characters’ minds blur the line between what is real and what is imagined, to the point that entire psychoses are associated with not being able to tell fantasy from reality.

I loved the way it is written, especially the smooth transition and strong literature but the downside of this book is its characterization- it feels a bit stretched or it has unwanted details. Characterization and Cover of the book can be better. And despite its deliciously dark undertones, it is a book that is unshakably hopeful, for all its mayhem and scheming.

The book is solemn as well as amusing and Sreejib- you are easily a literary genius. Cant wait for the next book!

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