Name of the Book: Awaken the Leader in You

Authors: Mitesh Khatri and Indu Khatri

Publisher: JAICO Publishing House

About the Author:

The husband and wife duo of Mitesh Khatri and Indu Khatri are the founders of Guiding Light Consultants. Mitesh Khatri is an internationally renowned motivational speaker and a leadership trainer. Together they have transformed the professional and personal lives though their corporate training programs. Indu Khatri is the principle content designer for all their corporate training programs. Now reaching to a wider audience via the print medium is their self-help book ‘Awaken the Leader in You’

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The authors break the myth that ‘Great leaders are born and not made’ .Their take, each individual has ‘infinite potential’ but one has to harness and nurture this innate infinite potenetial to become an extraordinary leader in his or her professional and personal life. The authors take us through various aspects of leadership that will influence our approach to life situations.
According to Mitesh and Indu Khatri, people are of two kinds and can be categorized as ordinary with an ‘employee’ mindset and extraordinary (leaders) with an ‘entrepreneurial’ mindset. This difference in the thoughts and actions of an employee vs entrepreneur mindset and how one can transform to have an ‘entrepreneur’ mindset forms the premise of the book. Each of the 11 chapters is neatly structured and is replete with real-life examples,formulae and exercises (yes homework!) and summary on honing entrepreneurial mindset.






Of the plethora of self help books on Leadership, we have a lucid, light, simple and practical book which will stay with us long after we are done reading the book. If one cannot make it to his workshops, read the book (can still to without the firewalk sessions)! Going over each of the chapter helps one to pause,put things in perspective and look at things in renewed awareness. At times the content is at a very high level, but am not complaining the authors cover the basics and for the rest one has to sign up for their workshops.


Definitely a worthy read, go get a copy! Harness your infinite leadership potential by making a conscious effort through daily conditioning to achieve happiness and fulfillment in your professional and personal life.


Thanks Kusum for the review.

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