Book Review: Chess Without A Queen By Virag Dhulia
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When Rishabh Tanwar returns to Lucknow after completing his MBA in London, he gets kidnapped during the elections. Post elections, Uttar Pradesh prepares to welcome the youngest CM of India. However, shortly after commencing office, the CM is booked for a crime he didn’t commit.
The needle of suspicion points to a retired judge who has scores to settle with the CM.
What follows is an excruciating journey for the accused CM to save not only his skin but also the newly elected government that is in tatters with its CM in the dock.


We had asked the author on what makes him want to write a book, he indicated that wanted to be a writer and he is able to pursue his passion now.

This book is one of the countless books that I have read on Indian politics. In today’s national political scene, citizens are merely props in a carefully choreographed dramatic narrative that resembles a Bollywood movie set more than it does an Indian democracy. I enjoyed the book dwelling down to the Uttar Pradesh (a state in India) politics which is a political tickle.
According to the author, the cover was chosen because it depicts the simplicity about the small incidents that happen in my story and yet brushes the complexities of the hi-conflict personalities of the main characters. The cover is catchy and so is the blurb.
Writer chooses simple English but manages to give a literary essence to the book by his choice of words, playing it smoothly and combing it right for the political style.

Characterization is slow but gradually catches up and gets into the style.

Overall, I enjoyed this book which written in beautifully unflinching detail. Virag writes with a relaxed eloquence, shifting easily through characters

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