Book Review: Euphoric Love By Vinoth Indirajith
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This is a story about the love of Ram & Deepa at different stages of their life. As in all love stories, they meet as strangers, fall in love, then weave a complex love-hate relationship with the loved one. Sounds usual, right? But that’s not the end of their story.
Why does Love turn into hate?
Why do we hate the one whom we once loved?
Maybe… we still love them?
Will the love of Ram & Deepa overcome their hatred?

A typical love story, but…
It’s a game of mystery…The Evil tends to hide in darkness. Will The Good unravel the hidden truth behind the darkness?

Euphoric love is a heartwarming love story which gives a feeling of great happiness in love with spine-chilling moments.


Vinoth’s debut novel ‘Euphoric Love’ is the typical formula of love and hate story with a twist.Feel the love and enjoy the thrill.
This story is just the surface skin, beneath which lie surprises and plot twists that go way beyond the smoldering passion developing between captor and captive—one that we knew would develop from the get-go. The part of the story is greatly enhanced by South Indian romance, Beauty of Tamil Nadu and some crime.

The book looked slow paced in the dusk, but gathered momentum and brought the dawn in a time travel mode. The love story is engaging and beautifully molded into hate.
The character development of Deepa and Ram was smooth and realistic.

The author has kept his writing very simple- but there lies the beauty of it. This is another book where I felt there was no essence of literary marvel and somewhere this novel felt that it’s intended for only that audience who are into romantic thriller.

To talk about the other beauty, the blurb is catchy. Cover is beautiful and brings the euphoria to the design
Overall, a south Indian engaging egoist love story. Highly recommended for readers who love romantic thriller.

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