Name of the Book: Flirting With FateFlirting-With-Fate2

Author: Preeti Singh

Publisher: Mahaveer Publishers

First of all, perfect title for an wonderful book from Preeti Singh.Much to my delight, I always believed in Karma. My dad always believes that when I back-talk him *Laughs*

I confess that I judge a book by its title.Also,I would like to apologize to preeti for giving a late review here at merrybrains.


The concept and creation by Pinkai Chaudhari was very well conceived by Preeti which is shown in her beautiful write up.

This Book talks about what makes a love complete and what extent a love can go in search of one. Preeti wonderfully attempts to relate karma with the life experience of Anand, the main character of this novel who does everything and can do anythingto get his love , happiness and his acceptance in the society. It is written in simple english that you can however escape your wrong doings but you just cannot escape karma. A true message sent by preeti to her readers

The book copy in my hand starts with the novel dedication to author’s late mother Sonya Kulwant singh who believed in karma returns.Thumbs up for this one as this one sends a strong message to the people to not to forget the roots.
She takes the story complete from her heart and it seems to be a cinema of things you can visualize .

and the story…

Author’s signed copy

The story is at 1980’s, the sholay time in the suburbs of beautiful Shimla. Karma always returns when you expect the least wonderfully explained by the author Preeti Singh here. Hero and villian are the same here in this story, Anand, a young handsome boy abandoned by his parents with lack of love which in-turn develops negativity in him , resulted in heinous crimes like rape and murders.

and there are some small negatives…

Good for a debut, but there are some editing flaws which needs to be taken care of. And the usage of Hindi in between seemed a bit odd to me personally. I would like this to be a narration to not just indian audiences but also want a book to be internationally accepted.

Well, this book goes straight to  one of my favorites shelf if it has some more awesomeness in editing part , further can be internationalized easily. This book as is thrilling as Emraan Hashmi’s  Murder Movie from mahesh bhatt.You just cant skip the pages.

To sum up, This book is a value read but may be editor needs to take care of some small editing flaws.

Ting Tong, yes, Sir you have a courier, *opens* Vinay Kanchan’s  Book ‘Madness starts at 9,That’s coming up  in our next review.

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