Book Review: He Lost His Mobile And .. By Amol Kulkarni
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Amit and his long time girlfriend Nazneen were supposed to get married and all of a sudden ‘Gautam’ -The protagonist of our story and Amits friend loses his mobile which triggered into a number of events and more chaos. The chaos described in the book makes this book unflinchingly funny.

Amit and Nazneen couldn’t get married and had to run away from families and had to go into sneaking from the foreseen trouble because…
Nazneen’s family is influential and powerful and started full-fledged search operation by all means- by all freaking means.
Gautam couldn’t contact or meet his wife and off-course this complicates matters more. You can start guessing all the probabilities here.
The city of Pune, which is where the story is based added more complications to the Chaos.Why? You will know when you read this novel.

The story is fast gripping and is a blow by blow account of what happened on a fateful day – the day Gautam lost his mobile and will make you go crazy trying to find answers what happens.

So why would you read this book?
This book has its humorous punches at its best. The story is very engaging and the plot is very crisp that this can be made to a made to a Bollywood movie. I would cast Paresh Rawal, Johny Lever, and Akshay Kumar.This is fast paced easy read book though I took so long for the review.

But one thing for sure, you definitely don’t need a friend like Gautam to ruin your much ruined D-Day.

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