Book Review: 'I am the Lord' by Ezhuth Aani
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The book is will keep you hooked as this gives you moral values for your philosophical side, A Must Read.

I Am The Lord-Ezuth Aani

Religion is an emotive issue and religious strife is one of the main causes of war in the modern world

You are going to study the life story of Jagan who learns different religions. The book talks about various religious conversions.Some grammar mistakes but the research undergone to create this book is commendable.This book has given me more insights on pitfalls of Christianity and Islam.

Plot is clearly laid with less unnecessary complexity. Loves the way the English is uses keeping it simple and neat.

A decent book with a clear vision. This book will talk about the differences and similarities of different religions and the bitter and ugly conversion tactics.And you will travel to countries including India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Spain, Canada, and Sri Lanka along with the protagonist.Though the blurb talks about adventure and love, I feel this book concentrates more on adventure and very less love. I personally didn’t like the romance part of this novel, very less than actually promised.

It answers the simple question. Why would someone ask you to convert to Islam or Christianity.

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