I personally never opt to read novels based on love stories.That’s me.But the title “I TOO HAD A LOVE STORY grabbed my eyes to read it. That seemed strange to me 🙂

Undoubtedly, I can tell emotional part of the story is well described in a very effective manner which overwhelmed me.The book is all about the story of Ravin and Khushi who had immense love with each other.The emotions which Ravin had for Khushi is beautifully described with the words and pokes our heart.By reading on this book, I can clearly understand the depth that he had put on  heart and soul in to the book remembering
his beloved Khushi..Extremely heart touching story which is written in a simple English.

“Khushi” the princess of Ravin and the character of the book is the center of attraction..Being the real life story of Ravin I really couldn’t imagined the worse end or is it?..Not all love stories are meant to have perfect endings either. I wont break the suspense though.
Really worth Reading.
“Do ever love stories die???”

The author bounded his emotions with words and touched heart and Yes,the author proved his love story which will never die and remain forever in the mind of readers 🙂

Ok. I want a coffee now :P. Sigh




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