Book: If you could see me now
Author: Cecelia Ahern

Its been a long time since I read this book but the story, the characters,the love , the emotions are still fresh in my mind. It feels like just yesterday I picked this book from my sister’s collection.

The start of the story moves a little bit slow, in the starting you might be wondering the ways happening in the story ;as you read on u become spell bound. I kept thinking about Liz until I finished the reading this book.

This book is the story of a modern woman Elizabeth Egan who is a rigid, organized, busy with her job absolutely no time to waste on anything and single mother who adopts her sister’s son luke after her sister Saorise a carefree girl became pregnant at 16 and showed no interest in raising her son.

Elizabeth had a painful childhood after her mother left her mysteriously when she was young and her father emotionally broken person waiting for his wife all long his life , she had to take responsibility of her sister all by herself.

Elizabeth’s life is completely distressed, lonely and loveless . She had to sacrifice love of her life for her sister who didn’t even seem to care about it and Luke as a kid is a victim of all this and has nobody to understand him or to play with.

Things change after Ivan a youthful, innocent , fully spirited guy enters Luke and Liz ‘s life. Ivan who is a guardian angle comes to help Luke ends up making friendship with Liz and finally an innocent love blooms between them.

Ivan adds colors to Liz ‘s life. He teaches her simple rule of live laugh and love. Ivan changes her to new person she could ever imagine.He shows her how life can be more beautiful if given chance. Ivan was there for whenever she needed him whenever she thought of him. He shows her how to find happiness even in the most silly things.

Things don’t remain same, though fate brings u together but destiny may not wish the same.Ivan bids her goodbye while she is still asleep.

Cecelia extraordinary narrating style keeps you glued to the book till end. You can’t end this book without wiping out your tears. U may even want to change the way things happening in the end of the story but yes it should end this way.

This is sweet touching love story of two different people from a completely different world. By the end everybody would want Ivan in their life. All this happens in Ireland described beautifully in the story about landscape,the fields.

The story is truly magical if u read if you can see it. 🙂

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