Book Review- Is it Maya? By Saikat Baksi
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Maya Mukhija is charming, intelligent and enigmatic.She has all the riches and power of the world. Maya loves to overpower men. She is the arm-candy wife of an ageing media mogul. Maya is not a loser. But one ne morning, Mumbai police knocks the door of her posh apartment and handcuffs her. “You killed Veena, your daughter,” the Police Commissioner declares. “Veena was my sister, not daughter. And I wished her dead. But I never killed her,” Maya Mukhija replies. The hunt begins through the shadowy yesterdays of Maya Mukhija. Love, treachery and a web of lies peel off the dark truth one by one. Who killed Veena? ls it Maya?”


Death in the corridor or love and glory.
This book is a simple thriller of expectable story which you can’t simply put down.
Firstly, I loved and admired Maya’s characterization here- a mesmerizing character, wild and bold. Vidya Balan should really do a cinema on this- come on.
Okay, Maya is convicted for killing her own daughter- smell Sheena Bora Homicide here? A spine chilling reminder?
In this book – Is it Maya? the story is a bit like Sheena Bora case but with good amount of thrills along trail of court events following describing the meticulous crime planning. This book is for the racy thriller heart
The cover is beguiling, portraying the crime scene and a sensual face. Blurb is kept humble but gets you the feel of a thriller. Well, you can’t put this down.

In the middle, I felt the plot was a bit stretched but If I must fall in love with a character-it must be Maya .
and…I am damn sure she won’t love anyone back (winks).

Come-on Maya- start loving – Love is precious

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