Book Review: Krishnaa : Queen Bee of No. 8 West Iyen Street by Radhika Giridharan, Vidya Nagaraj
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When a marriage proposal from a much married 30 year old Raghavenrda for 12 year old Krishnaa comes knocking on the door of Gundappa Chowltry, life takes on a dramatic turn for Krishnaa. An official bride-seeing ceremony and a quick peek at the bridegroom seals things and before long Krishnaa finds herself embarking on her new journey with her new husband-a man she barely knows, to the temple town of Kumbakonam. What lies in store for Krishnaa in her new house as Raghavendra’s second wife? Where is Raghavendra’s first wife? Are Krishnaa’s dreams and desires fulfilled? What cards are dealt to Krishnaa by the hands of destiny?

While tracing Krishnaa’s life journey from 1904 to the modern times, the book captures the soul of the Indian Joint family system, the customs and traditions, the love and laughter and the ever green human values. Set in the picturesque temple town of Kumbakonam, on the banks of river Cauvery, amidst the majestic Gopurams of Chakrapani and Sarangapani temples, the story of Krishnaa unfolds in all its colourful glory.


“Krishnaa’s legacy continues,
In all varied hues;
Hearts bound together with love,
like a flock of lovely doves.”

In matters of faith and the heart, Krishnaa : Queen Bee of No. 8 West Iyen Street offers a welcome breath of fresh air.
With the exceedingly rare exception of literary genius, this novel is a risky effort, and not always successful. Therefore, these authors deserve a recognition: With immense storytelling gifts and spare but luminous prose, she is one of the few writers whose debut will have readers begging for a second novel.
Vidya and Radhika narrate an autobiographical tale of their grandmother, set in 1904. This book is beautifully written, picture perfect setting, simple characterization and everything written so well in this book. I enjoyed the Tamil-Kannada essence of this extremely talented duo blending with emotional and relatable joint family times of our past. I took a bit longer to read it – a bit a stretch test, but in the end, it was one beautiful tale and one very well honest.

‘Krishnaa : Queen Bee of No. 8 West Iyen Street’ is sure to win the hearts of all those who appreciate a smart, elegantly written story.

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