Book Review: Let’s Kidnap The President by Lalit Bhatt
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What happens when four monkeys become intelligent like humans, and they kidnap the President of USA? An intriguing story which traces the evolution of human.


“The jungle rule is based on a simple premise which is to use the natural resources to satisfy the necessary biological needs of an individual”
The above insight from this book sums it all.


Lalit’s story is sluggish in the beginning but steadily goes into the real world like a time-lapse or time travel fittingly describing the story right from not-so-dangerous-wild animals to wildly-dangerous-wild humans in the built-up world. The cover teases the president hilariously, making fun of everything-especially we humans. The story seems like a progression and slowly advances into a fine story.
The author Lalit Bhatt has done a fanciful job in producing a social drama with action, venture assorted with wit and philosophy. The book has suspense and is meticulously amusing that can be read for any age.


Paperback: 190 pages
Publisher: White Falcon Publishing; 1 edition (2018)
Language: English


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