Book Review- Life Is A Bed Of Roses By K.P. Chandrasekharan
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This book is author’s humble attempt to discuss the sinful, illogical and hypocrite acts of caste-based mindset which is still relevant at some places even this day. In authors word, this book has been written out of nostalgia and bitter experiences in authors life.  The story which is based in the southern state of India, Kerala deals with ancient notions including masala of superstitions which makes you think devilish and so illogical that the newborn would be separated from its mother. The story takes place during the 50’s – so the event was narrated in a way that you feel that it is illogical- but that’s how things were during those days.

The cover is catchy that depicts mother’s concern and struggle for her child.

This debut book, Life Is A Bed Of Roses is a cozy-socks, comfy-chair story—kind of thought-provoking story. Life was never easy during those days.

The style of the book is similar to the likes of Indian superstitions based novels. The book is a quick read and author has managed to keep my attention throughout. Kudos to the author on the characterization and improvisation of characters in this fast-paced read.

Despite being a straightforward story, K.P. Chandrasekharan imbues them with compassion and—dare I say—humanity. Love and hope punch their way through, despite all obstacles.

I would recommend this book to people who want a thought-provoking feeling and the glimpse of ancient Kerala superstitions.
This is a humble and honest attempt from the author to tell an important and ‘uneasy’ story in a delicate and subtle way.

Best part of this is that the narrative is explained in the simplest way possible which also is a bit of let down – because there were many places where author could have minced and played with the words giving this book a special literature sharpening.

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Author Interview-K P Chandrasekharan , Author of the book ‘Life is a Bed of Roses’

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