Book Name:My Journey Transforming Dreams Into Actions
Author: A.P.J Abdul Kalam

“From the cockpit of the Fighter Jet to the highest Office in the Nation.”.Dr.Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam well known as Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam.

A small young boy from Rameshwaram, who becomes one of India’s most prominent and well distinguished, most renowned Scientists, Apart from holding the highest post that the country can offer “THE PRESIDENT of INDIA”, Dr.Abdul Kalam was elected as 11th President of India and He is the rarest of rare President who received honorary doctorates from 45 Institutions and Universities.

Well, This is the first book which I opted among his books with real excitement.This Book is the introduction or glimpse about the personal life of a legendary dynamic hero. He talks about his personal side of his life and tells us about what helped him out to become what he is today. He also tells us inspirational stories and survived out of difficulties of his life.

This books contains several chapters like that deals with Family, Friends, Mentors, Failures, Favorite books of Kalam ji, his sweet and bitter memories are totally written in an impressive manner which gets executes perfectly in my mind..
In first few contents Abdul ji talks about his Father Jainulabdeen’s serenity, His mother Aiyshamma’s Unconditional love and affection, His sister Zohra’s encouragement last and his in-law Jalalludin’s wisdom.At the age of 8, he worked to look after his family.And also speaks about the coexistence of three religions Hinduisms,Islamism and Christanity in his village Rameshwaram which deeply impacted Abul kalam ji about spirituality and divinity towards God. He also talks about his failure of becoming pilot which he would always dreamt about.

The book is highly esteemed with motivations and inspirations.Book reflects on the Simplicity, Integrity and Honesty qualities of Kalam. Undoubtfully, he is not only a amazing Scientist but also a great human being.

There are some people you just cannot hate, and he is one among them.



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