Name of the Book: Never Say Never

Author: Anjali Kirpalani

Publisher: Grapevine India Publishers Pvt. Ltd.


Author with her Book

About the Author: Anjali Kirpalani is a twenty-five year old dreamer. Like the protagonist of her debut novel, she is 5’2 and has frizzy hair but has never fallen for her best friend’s boyfriend Born in India, she lived in South Africa for 8 years and finally came back to Mumbai in 2008. She has had various jobs ranging from radio jockeying, business management, marketing, TV reporting, print journalism and voice-over artistry. Currently working with ET NOW, writing has been the one constant in her life. She grabs any opportunity she can to travel. She also loves reading, eating and watching back-to-back episodes of Master chef Australia as a guilty pleasure. She can be reached on and followed on @AnjaliKir on Twitter.


Never Say Never tells the story Nikita Kumar, an unemployed twenty-five year old based in Mumbai who doesn’t know what to do with her life. To make matters worse, Nikita is in love with her best friend Aziza’s boyfriend, Raghav Shetty, who is a radio jockey on the popular radio station, Spruce FM. And that’s not all; Nikita doesn’t even like, let alone love Deepak, the man she’s in a relationship with! Tired of her life going nowhere, Nikita decides to change her life. On the night of her cousin Natasha’s wedding, she makes a list of things she will never do. She vows to never marry for money, never doubt her abilities, never have feelings for an unavailable man, never stay in a relationship with someone she doesn’t love, never get completely drunk in public and never wear velvet! But life seldom goes according to plan and Nikita learns that you should never say never.


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As the blurb clearly states, this story revolves around a twenty-five year old girl named Nikita Kumar who is currently settled in Mumbai and is unemployed. She is at that stage of life where nothing brings her happiness. She is unemployed, in love with her best friend’s boyfriend and worst stuck with her boyfriend with whom she isn’t in love. On the eve of her cousin’s marriage she makes a list of few things she won’t do but life doesn’t goes as per what we have planned and that’s exactly what happens with Nikita as well. What happens to her vows? Will she able to follow them all through the year? Or, will she break one/ few or all of them? The answers to all these questions are hidden in this book.

The story is very finely written and the characters have a strong stand all throughout the story right from Nikita to her best friend, to her boyfriend to her best friend’s boyfriend and her male best friend too. The story is also quite close to what reality is, youngsters and their jobs, to their girlfriend/boyfriend, friends too. It has a pure essence of true friendship and love. It will certainly make you believe in destiny. Things that are written in our destiny will reach our doorsteps all it takes is some time and patience.


1) Good story line.
2) Beautifully written.
3) Writing style is very good, simple and meaningful, not so very complex and hard to understand.
4) Characters are wonderfully crafted.
5) I liked the twists and turns in the story and the way love blossomed in the end. (between whom that I won’t spill 😉 )


1) I personally didn’t like the cover picture. Though it’s nice but somehow it doesn’t goes with the theme and the blurb of the book.
2) Few editing mistakes are there and some Hindi words aren’t properly spelt.
To sum up with the review it’s an amazing book. It will make you smile and cry at the same time. It will make you believe in destiny, love and true friendship. Lastly, Never Say Never… 😉

Heena Ahuja

Heena Ahuja

Guest Blogger at MerryBrains
Heena Ahuja, a Mumbai girl at heart is an avid reader. Reading fiction caught her fancy
when she stumbled across Sidney Sheldon, Dan Brown & Nicholas Sparks books.

After completing her masters she found her true calling in writing and has a lot of English
poems published under her belt in various e-magazines and columns and few Hindi
poems have been published in a Delhi based newspaper. She loves listening to music and
learning new things about life. She really wishes to travel and explore places and capture
memories in her camera.

She is a poetess at heart and ends up pouring her heart on a paper. She along with her co-author Meghant Parmar will be marking their debut in the world of writing with a short story in “Uff Ye Emotions-2”.

She has a full time Facebook page where people have admired and adored her writing too. You can connect with her through her Facebook profile and her writing page too.
Heena Ahuja