Book Review: OAS ki Boondein by Sapna Kekre
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Emotions are a part of our life & associated with the feelings at every stage of life. So come take a dip into this world of emotions, feel the surge of love’s currents take over your heart. Let the bittersweet nostalgia of childhood memories envelope you. Take a step back and enjoy the little things in life – all through the poems in Oas Ki Boondein.

In these simple poems, you can explore the poetess’ own raw emotions through life as an ordinary woman, as well as the deeper questions in life that we often overlook in the hustle and bustle of our daily routines. Flip the pages of this book which has something to offer to everyone, from questioning the trap of time to living in the moment and accepting fate. Metaphorically brings out these emotions in a very refreshing manner.

(It is a bilingual book transliterated in English for those Hindi lovers too, who cannot read Devanagari.)


Writing Poetry is not easy and Sapna Kekre has presented some of the best poems of this formidable genre where gameplay in this genre is very touchy.!
I always say that I am not a great critic of poetry and especially Hindi poetry but I sense a feeling every time I read a poem. The sense is criticism here is ‘you finish reading a poem and then close your eyes and then feel the essence’. If it felt good- it is a good poem. This highly defines that the poems prose the flows seamlessly.

This Hindi poetry book is also transliterated to English and helps even people who cannot read High-Hindi.
My favorite poems being ‘Oas Ki Boondein’, Dosti Ka Rishta, Kaal Chakra and Zindagi Mere Yaar

Sapna shares her keen observations through her own poet-eyes. While her writing occasionally encroaches on people and feelings, most of the parts connect and speaks to the general reader.

Poems require a writer to write from all the senses. You have to live in your body, you have to listen hard to the quiet ticking of both your life and those around you. Like an anthropologist, you have to take down good notes

No matter how many poems exist, there is, it seems, always room for another.
This is a must-read.

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