Name of the Book: Passionate Love

Author: Shivangi Ramsay

Publisher: Omji Publishing House Private Limited

About the Author: A self-professed bibliophile, and language enthusiast, Shivangi has a Master’s Degree in English Literature from Punjab University, Chandigarh. She has been a featured reader in numerous creative writing workshops in London, United Kingdom. She has also written articles for reputed publications like Hindustan Times, Daily Post, and Times Plus. She loves rambling in the woods with a sketchpad in her hand. Her jade eyed British beau is the inspiration behind her romantic fiction. She is a life-member of The Shakespeare Association, India. Passionate Love is her debut novel.

Book Cover

Blurb: Rising lifestyle journalist Ambika Rana is known as a hopeless nerd, and a poor old maid among her friends and colleagues. Having absolutely no luck with men, she buries herself in her work, counting on a Pulitzer win that would set her on the road to stardom.

Ayaan Ramsay is her exact opposite. He is India’s most eligible bachelor and a successful entrepreneur who built his fortune from nothing. He has everything yet he feels a void in his life that only true love could fill.

So when her boss Shalini Sawhney asks Ambika to photograph the reclusive Ayaan for their popular lifestyle magazine Agaaz, Ambika takes it up as another boring assignment oblivious of the fact that love is about to sweep her off her feat.

Will Ayaan and Ambika get their happily ever after?

 Verdict: As the blurb clearly states, this story revolves around Ambika a lifestyle journalist who after a point of time with really no luck with men buries herself in her work. On one instance when her boss Shalini asks her to interview Ayaan Ramsay, India’s most eligible bachelor and successful entrepreneur, for their magazine she hesitantly takes up the assignment.

What happens when Ambika and Ayaan meet? What happens when they fall hopelessly in love with each other? Will they be happily staying together or is destiny up with some misfortune for their love cocoon? All these puzzles shall fall in place after reading this book.


1) Good writing style, brilliant vocabulary.

3) Wonderful cover design.


1)   Few editing mistakes are there.

2)   The book should have been a little more detailed and lengthy.

To sum up with the review it’s an amazing book. It says so much about the author and her writing style and vocabulary. I have earlier read her diary posts of her personal life experiences and they were wonderful too.

Book Details:

Publication Year – 2014

ISBN 13: 9789384028206

ISBN 10: 9384028207

Language – English

Binding – Paperback

Number of Pages – 160 Pages

Price – Rs100


Heena Ahuja

Heena Ahuja

Guest Blogger at MerryBrains
Heena Ahuja, a Mumbai girl at heart is an avid reader. Reading fiction caught her fancy
when she stumbled across Sidney Sheldon, Dan Brown & Nicholas Sparks books.

After completing her masters she found her true calling in writing and has a lot of English
poems published under her belt in various e-magazines and columns and few Hindi
poems have been published in a Delhi based newspaper. She loves listening to music and
learning new things about life. She really wishes to travel and explore places and capture
memories in her camera.

She is a poetess at heart and ends up pouring her heart on a paper. She along with her co-author Meghant Parmar will be marking their debut in the world of writing with a short story in “Uff Ye Emotions-2”.

She has a full time Facebook page where people have admired and adored her writing too. You can connect with her through her Facebook profile and her writing page too.
Heena Ahuja