Book Review- Rolling in the Dark by Pooja Upadhaya Mishra
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Trapped in the vicious circle of life, the small town ambitious girl let brutality rain on her for days and years. What made her endure all of it without a word? Love? Society? Values? No. She had seen an alluring road at the end of the deleterious tunnel – her daughter.


Rolling in the dark is a story which starts in Dholakpur, Bihar where a young, shy Meera marries Shiv.
Meera raises her child Ira amidst all the gradual tortures by her in-laws.

Meera is a representative modest voiced, women next door character. She endures it all and when things go out of threshold- a new Meera is born and she now amazingly strikes back.

Talking about outer beauty- This is one the best cover design I have seen on a book read in 2018.
Blurb is kept simple and indicates the imprint of brutality faced by a small town girl.

Kudos to the editing and dazzling narration by the debut author Pooja.
A perfect read for women who face societal pressure which cuts their wing of hope and like a phoenix they rise again.
This wonderful story is a heart-rending, emotional rollercoaster, and readers are certain to cheer for Meera and Ira. The story unfolds slowly, but it doesn’t drag; by the end of the book, the characters will have touched your heart and become like family. It’s a family you want or not- you decide.


  • Paperback: 194 pages
  • Publisher: Notion Press, Inc.; 1 edition (20 June 2018)
  • Language: English

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