Book Review: Seven Conversations By Nistha Tripathi
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Name of the Book: Seven Conversations

Author: Nistha Tripathi

Publisher: Leadstart Publishing

About the Author

Credits: Good Reads

Credits: Good Reads

Nistha Tripathi likes to write books and software. Her wandering spirit enjoys blogging, traveling, photography and Yoga. She followed her scholarly pursuits in the United States where she studied MS in Computer Science and dropped out of an MBA program. She worked in Wall Street and New York startups before returning to India to follow her creative passions. She has traveled a lot and believes in taking Leaps of Faith ever since she took a bungy jump from world’s first bungy site in New Zealand.
She penned down Seven Conversations when she felt that life had given her a story to tell and it was her duty to tell it out loud.



What happens when we choose happiness over convenience?

Seven Conversations is a thought experiment on life and existence. The characters might be fictitious but their questions are not.

For Meera Sachdev, choosing a divorce at an early age of thirty over comfortable and convenient life was a leap of faith. Leaving her successful career and friends behind in United States, she returns to India where she is now reduced to ‘a failed woman who could not save her marriage’. As she begins to ask the real meaning of life, her call for help is answered by none other than Krsna – the Lord who is all-attractive. Her odyssey will take her through temples of Vrindavan, a deserted land and Himalayas as she discovers her deep spiritual roots.

In seven pivotal conversations with Krsna, friends, father, teacher and herself, she rediscovers life, love and her own identity. Beware, after reading the book, you might dare to choose happiness yourself. Are you prepared?




A first time writer writing about the raw dreams with a beautiful simple and traditional style of narration. Seven conversations is one refreshing coffee. Nistha has wonderfully rendered and set a base for how can a good writer be more wiser than her age. The book is a mix of emotions and spirituality which talks about karma and different aspects of life. One of the wonderful quote I loved from this book is  ” When loving becomes as involuntary as your breathing – you would have reached the state where loving means simply existing, it is not done to reap any benefits. Would you still call it selfish ?”

This book is only for Indian/Hindi audience as it contains more Hindi and sanskrit words. Could have been better if there was author’s quirky glossary to brief out sanskrit and Hindi terms.

A must read book for someone who loves spirituality, love, emotions and dreams.


Book Details:

Title: Seven Conversations

Edition: Paperback

Language: English

ISBN 13 :  9789384226404

No. of Pages:  220 pages

Publish Date: November 12th 2014

Price:130 Rs


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