Book Review: The Final Year Project by Mehana Usha Rani
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Mehana  takes on the theme of ‘college story revenge’ in her satisfying debut novel, ‘The Final Year Project’

The angelic hot Sara Enters… I mean … Forget graduating, will the boys even survive? No , its just not about what you think. Sara is a boxing team manager .


The writing style, even if its a typical college story is engaging and the language used is simple. The book has a gripping aura around it. Its fun and settings seem so real.
The warm character building  brings an unconventional charm. There are Numerous scenes in this thoughtful novel will linger in the reader’s memory.

I have received the Kindle version where the cover was not finalized. But the paperback cover seems to portray the traits of the characters and signifies that the story is essentially 1 VS 4.

There are some typos which will certainly hurt the ego of some grammar nazis but reading this book is like catching up with old friends, and Mehana has all the warmth her readers have come to love.

I think the only warning to you is that Mehana uses crude language which I think is required for the emotions and character building. I loved it- easily one of my best reads this 2017.

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