Book Review- The Poacher By Neilay Khasnabish
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‘The Poacher’ is a story of a police sub-inspector, George Hazarika, who explores the hidden world of poaching. George, who thinks there is a link between the murder of Dr. Hemant Saikia and poaching, visits Kaziranga as a photographer to solve the murder mystery. Dr. Hemant Saikia was an eminent wildlife enthusiast and editor of ‘The Kaziranga’. George stays among the local people of Kaziranga and discovers many hidden activities in there. Following all the clues that he got, he finally happens to solve the mystery.

Although the characters are fictional, this work is based on the author’s personal experience and research on poaching at Kaziranga. The story narrates the menace of poaching that has endangered the existence of the wildlife, and especially the existence of one horned rhinos.


“Those who live for a right cause, Live a life”

The plot talks about poaching of Rhinos for its costlier than gold in the beautiful Kaziranga national park situated in Assam. George Hazarika , a suspended police officer’s desperate attempt to find the killers of Dr Hemant Saikia( a journalist who wrote a report on poaching).

The pace of the story is fast and the language used is simple -no fancy literature here but do expect some wildlife jargons which may want you to recheck your dictionary once a while. George being a soft spoken polite policeman is something hard to digest. I also did think this book could be improvised by further adding some literary touch- which seems missing. Though this book has its down parts, I felt this book gives you immense knowledge on wildlife.

Neilay has written this beautiful story with refreshing wildlife content. His interest in wildlife protection is clearly reflected and this novel is thought provoking- and brings a positive note at the end.

George’s (Protagonist) love for wildlife seems to take me to the Sean Penn’s movie “Into the wild”. Most of the parts were described in a true bliss like the way  Mantu explains the Origin of Kaziranga, were described in a true bliss. The parts where the character talking about poverty, polygamy and early marriage adds to the beautiful characterization where its time to call spade a spade- for the betterment of the world.

Without being heavy-handed, the book examines these serious issues, gently reminding readers that the natural diversity Kaziranga offers is at the mercy of man. The writing perhaps ventures into the land of the slightly mystically wild , but for anyone who’s ever grown close with the wild, the connection is undeniably real. Though Neilay’s plotting is tight and his handling of the wildlife, his ear for the wildlife protection may be his most subtle gift

Highly recommended for someone who loves nature and wildlife protection and further wants to learn more about the deep rooted problems of Poaching.


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