Name of the Book: The Sales Room

Author: R T Ramesh

Publisher: Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd

About the Author

R.T Manu Ramesh was graduated as a Mechanical Engineer from the reputed RV College of Engineering, Bangalore, India, in 2006 and started his career in the IT industry as a software programmer. He however found his true calling a couple of years later when a dynamic, young, entrepreneur, invited him to join his start-up, Aurigo Software Technologies, as a part of the Sales and Marketing team. The firm was to expand in India in a big way. Playing a crucial role in the company’s growth Manu was instrumental in its foray into the India market and acquisition of first ten customers in India.
He now works for an MNC and is based in San Jose, California. He is an avid tennis player and swimmer. He has an ear for music. He enjoys travelling, reading, surfing and watching movies during free time.




Rajesh Iyer, a young, ambitious salesperson, returns to The Sales Room of Oregon Software Technologies after an aborted attempt at getting into a business school in the US, only to notice the metamorphosis of the software start-up which he had earlier been an integral part of. What used to be a rat-infested hole in the midst of a vegetable market is now a swanky, state of the art facility owned by an upcoming Bollywood star. The enthusiastic and compact team firing on all cylinders is replaced by a sclerotic and bureaucratic set up. Sales review meetings, once rife with passionate discussions, are now replete with profanities. The ill tempered angel investor’s scream can be heard all the way from his villa in New York.Rajesh, now shunted into an innocuous role finds every effort made to alleviate the condition of the demoralized sales team, met with resistance. As revenues dwindle and tempers rise, Rajesh realizes he is running out of time and options. He either toes the CEO, Venky’s line and becomes party to a sham or quits citing a host of plausible reasons. This hilarious narrative takes the reader from plush corporate boardrooms of Bangalore to the seedy hotels in Delhi as Oregon meanders in search of illusory customer wins. Rajesh meets several interesting characters ranging from the busty Polish graphics designer to the loquacious pimp masquerading as a taxi driver.


The Book Cover  and title aptly  states that this book is something to talk about sales and its humor in bringing the sales.

As the blurb clearly states about the terrific intense plot, this book is for those who can relate the job of those frustrated people in a sales room in any organization. The life of a sales person as described in many films ranging from ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’ is stressful. I loved the humor in this book and a great plot.  Being a bangalorean, I was more interested in the book when it talked about all the happening places and food joints in Bangalore like Nandini’s, Nagarjuna ,Adigas etc.The best part of the book is the ‘Quirky Glossary’ where author defines words like vadapav or sambar which makes this book acceptable for international audiences too.

May be some female readers would be offended of some sexist comments in the book. But if you just want to read this book without being any judgemental, this book is definitely for you. And I will warn you, there are some sex ingredients, a bit more spicy than I guessed.

No, its not as gross as AIB Roast.

Overall It’s a great book, Go get it!

Book Details:

Title: The Sales Room

Edition: Paperback

Language: English

ISBN 13 : 9789382473985

No. of Pages: 196

Publish Date: 2013

Price: 131 Rs

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Book Review- The Sales Room By R T Ramesh
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