Book Review: The Secret Of The Sculptures by Monika Thakur
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Lifelong friends Aditi and Maitreyi meet up in Delhi when Maitreyi returns for her holidays. The holidays start with innocent fun but before long the girls are embroiled in the theft of a priceless sculpture that is stolen from Aditi’s college. Mr. Seth, a mysterious stranger with hypnotic eyes, keeps crossing their path. For him, the sculpture seems to be more than just a relic of history. Events unfold rapidly which make the girls become the prime suspects of a heist. As if being at the center of crime and priceless history was not enough, the girls realize that there is a supernatural element to the sculptures that is directing the fates of everyone involved.


The Secret of the Sculptures is a funny, engaging story filled with interwoven thriller and intrigue that rarely, if ever, slows down. It’s a high-energy fantasy thriller with few pretensions, a consistently entertaining and engagingly crafted story that careens around an imaginary world that seemed real, glittering sculptures and anonymous people who has interest in the sculptures as each of its characters search for answers, seeking the real truth. And it’s a hell of a roller coaster fun to read. 

Story starts a bit slow paced in the beginning but then gets super paced that you are sure that you won’t be able to keep it down! 

Monika’s characters are blunt, forthright, and frequently caustic, and her writing suits them well. Aditi (Protagonist’s friend) is my favorite packed with pakka girly innocence and naughtiness. Seth’s hypnotic eyes and characterization were also equally important to get this story more hypnotic in the end. I don’t remember Monika describing the features of girl characters as much as describing men characters (being tall and handsome) – it may be a bit of turn down for straight men 🙂 



Interestingly, book never felt its stretched! You sure would see a roller coaster thriller fantasy! and I, for sure will be bit careful now when touching any ancient sculpture. 

The protagonist- Maitreyi is exceedingly dominant and is everywhere- just everywhere as much as she thinks that the hypnotic eyed Seth is everywhere 

Monika is refreshingly frank when constructing her characters, drawing clear distinctions among them. 

Monika- it’s time for the sequel 🙂 


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