Name of the Book: The Twisted Twenties

Author: Deepali Junjappa

Publisher: Half Baked Beans

About the Author: AKA Dipu Darko found herself in a dream that weaved in one passing night. Dreamer, Imaginer and Hallucinator she started drawing portraits at an early age and wandered off to deep thickets where in, she devoured stories, faeries, mysteries and fantastical grandeour. Of late, she’s a story teller and believes she was born to spill dreams that have been living inside her for the last six hundred moons.

Deepali Junjappa completed her Masters in Creative Writing from Macquarie University Australia. After completing her graduation she worked as a content writer for 2Ser Radio in Australia, later as a reporter in Indian Express with a column in the magazine, The Brief. She then joined the television ind10313554_10201629758785574_8429246501307434702_nustry and wrote/conceptualized many TV shows.


As Baz Lurhman once said ‘The most interesting people are the ones who still don’t know what they want to do.”

It’s okay to be confused in your twenties. It’s okay to NOT know. Ok Peeps, why don’t we get straight to the point. Do we really know what we want in our twenties? Yes and No. Are we confused?

The hell we are.

For Mimi Hittalmani, a confused twenty something life is about to begin. After getting sacked by her bad ass editor for attending a silly Bollywood bash, clotted with a nasty breakup; Mimi decides to expand her worldview. Two years later, armed with a foreign degree and some flashy Aussie stories she begins her mis-adventures in Mumbai where she meets the gorgeous Mehra brothers and falls in love with all three at once. Mimi then joins the carnival and let’s herself go on the train of chaos, cacophony, camera and drama. She’s glad; her co passengers are all potential soul mates, she never met; the brotherhood of lost loves. From then on the joy ride of working, flirting, schmoozing, networking, hiring ‘tight assed’ women and finally falling in love become part of Mimi’s quirky and hilarious journey. By the end she realizes that the twenties are indeed twisted; it’s ok to goof up, jump courses, change careers, flout opinions and of course chat up four guys at once! (Via Homeshop18)

Verdict: As the blurb clearly states, this story revolves around Mimi who is somewhere in her twenties and as confused as mostly some people in her twenties are. It’s how her life takes turns when all she wants is to try all the options to know which one is best for her. From learning creative writing in Australia to writing TV shows and then trying for bolly movie she has it all. Meanwhile what happens in her love life it’s worth the watch. Just as in her case of career she thinks of dating as many as you can when you are in your twenties. Will she be able to apply the same in her life? What happens if she does follow that or if she doesn’t follow it?

1) Good story line.

2) Nice cover but could have been better.

1) There are some explanations written which cuts the story and lessens the interest of the reader, it could have been shortened.

2) Few editing mistakes.

To sum up with the review it’s a good story line dealing with the mind set of people in their twenties (though doesn’t applies for all). A little polishing with what’s required and what’s not required would make a great deal of change in the book. The extra explanatory part cuts the story short, a little more in the story part should have been there.

Book Details:

Title: The Twisted Twenties

Edition: Paperback

Language: English

ISBN 13 : 9788192893624

ISBN 10 : 8192893626

No. of Pages: 288

Publish Date: 2013

Price: 131 Rs

Purchase Link:

Heena Ahuja

Heena Ahuja

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She is a poetess at heart and ends up pouring her heart on a paper. She along with her co-author Meghant Parmar will be marking their debut in the world of writing with a short story in “Uff Ye Emotions-2”.

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