Book Review :The Yard By Aliyyah Eniath
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Ths Story starts with Behrooz who is brought to The Yard, a familial housing complex in Trinidad and Tobago, where he struggles to belong. His adoptive father is kind hearted, but other family members are guarded about the new addition.They contend that Behrooz will betray his family by assaulting his adoptive sister, Maya, a rebellious girl who was not romantically forbidden to him under Islamic Law.

Behrooz and Maya form a childish alliance and later, struggle with romantic attraction. After they share a night of adolescent tenderness, Maya, fearing retribution, flees to London where she pursues her artistic talent. Behrooz painstakingly rebuilds his life and marries another. When tragedy strikes, Maya returns to her childhood home. There, she and Behrooz must face up to old demons.
For a debut novel, Author did a really great job. The book was engaging and fast paced sprinkled with some twist.
Fewer characters would have allowed more character development of the the main persons in this book. I would have enjoyed reading more about Maya and Behrooz rather than other characters.
In some events, including the ending, seemed rushed.

Overall, This is one of my fantastic read this year.

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