Name of the Book: Transactions of Belonging

Authors: Jaya Padmanabhan
Publisher: Leadstart Publishing

About the Author:
Jaya Padmanabhan is an award winning author and journalist .She is based in California and
is the managing editor of Indian-American magazine, India Currents.
She has won three Katha Short Story Contest titles, the Lorian Hemingway Short Story recognition and the New America Media award for feature reporting.Transactions of Belonging is Jaya’s debut collection of short stories.

The title “ Transactions of belonging” would definitely pique a reader’s interest to pick this book . This incisive debut collection of short stories makes for a thought provoking, disturbing emotional and evocative read. The author has successfully elicited the fine emotions from well etched characters in all her 12 stories’ collection. As each story is savoured, one cannot but simply appreciate the meticulous attention to details and situations woven around the characters.The impactful characterizations will hold sway over readers’ minds long after the story is over.

Here is a glimpse of few of these gems –
Blue Arc- A journey of hope and courage of a young bright woman from a cultured background to the streets of red-light area.
Strapped for time- Heart-rending life of a lonely old man who looks forward to the company of a young domestic help.
The little matter of fresh meadows feces–The story weaves through three generations of a family all of which narrated though letters and journal entry of the pivotal characters over a stinking backdrop!
Each story is gripping and intense with an ending left to the readers’ imagination and interpretation and when you are done with the book you would wish there were some more pages to turn. The stories have varied social backgrounds and each story is a situation plucked from their life.
The author has an eloquent and emphatic writing style.Looking forward to more of her work.

Thanks Kusum for the review.


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