Book Review: Warriors of Dharma by Chandranshu Chaudhary ​
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The lift door opened. She immediately pressed the 10th floor button again without walking out of it. People were surprised to see her again in office. But she didn’t talk to anyone this time. She straight way went to her desk, opened the computer and went through the projects in last 10years. There were not many. She checked all of them several times. She paused at number 3. It was about an excavation in Assam, Shivsagar near Brahmaputra valley. There was also a list of people working on it. She went through it many times but couldn’t find Surath’s name in the list. She was disappointed a bit. But in the end it was written in bold-Extra Hand (voluntary worker)- 1 She took a printout and circled it in red. She walked out of the office. She was afraid. She knew Surath was in danger. She must find him fast. She called her travel agent, “Please book a ticket to the nearest airport to Shivsagar, Assam for today.” “I am coming son,” Lucy told herself.


 Delete everything and you will never be in a trouble


The cover seems to attract but the blurb could be better. I cannot refute that there are typographical error and Grammar slip-ups at some places but the fast-paced write-up hides it easily or I can probably say-doesn’t annoy the grammar Nazis that much. The italics are used in this book to describe the event from the past. Italics ought to be rare nuggets, not flashy baubles too common to do any good in any book. Authors should use them sparingly. Novice readers would feel it a bit exasperating unless they get that italics are used for historical events. I would recommend mentioning that explicitly in one of the beginning footnotes.

Author has some bizarre character names like Dusla but that shouldn’t hide the fact that this book has some lovely characterization.

​The writing is kept unpretentious with very fast faced story. This should be one of the fastest paced book that I have read this year and it’s always a virtuous feeling when you move pages so fast. It’s a bit confusing start with several characters and diverse time frames and as it evolves- things seem to join. Characterization and picturesque beauty has been described very well- and if you love mythology and history- This book will surely rock you to read it in one go- but don’t expect some fancy climax or curvy twists. The book will take you to some pre-era and some beautiful places for sure.

​This is a historical fiction and author has exhibited his marvelous amount of knowledge on  Indian mythology and history . The author further brings a pure essence to his writing by keeping the past and present tight.

Overall- I did relish the book. This Splendid chronicle is beautiful and Super-Fast that blends mythology and history like wine and cheese but the editing could be improved.

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