Image Credits: mbasic.facebook

Image Credits: mbasic.facebook

Name of the Book: Eve’s Tomb

Author: D.R.Hadrian

Publisher: Blackbuck Publication

Publication Year: 2013

Genre: Fiction

Price: Rs 150


Vinamzi Lance, an Oxford graduate is shocked to hear about the murder of his professor.He is more perplexed when he learns that the last message from the Professor is for him.

However,the message turns out to be a code.along with the professor’s son Bruce, they embark on a frantic hunt through the vatican and then to North America after the lost prophecy of Nostradamus. Retrieving the prophecy is not as easy as two great powers, the Church and the Virgins(a secret cult) embroil as they think it holds the destiny of the world. Ironically all the intricate plotting of the Virgins and the church turn to mayhem as they confront an adroit deception. Finally, the last hopes of saving the world from a nuclear disaster and the battle of the sexes are in the hands of Vinamzi and his friends.. Will they be able to stop the destruction or will Eve’s tomb be a burial ground of them all.

About the author:

D.R Hadrian is studying English Literature.He is the author of two novels , hiron the Dark Blood (2008), and Rosaline I Love You,But Don’t Tell Your Dad (2012). He blogs about ‘Inspiration and Literature’ at (you can get all the latest updates about his books here as well), and along with his friends, he has a small group called, Dominic Rex which encourages cancer patients to have faith and courage.

Story and Verdict:

Story starts with a very strange ritual, Vinamzi and Bruce seeks to start finding the truth by solving the mystery  and certainly this makes the reader to be just anticipating on what should happen next. This book is a love triangle between Science,Literature and Religion because the book is all about solving the mystery by symbols and secret codes. Once you start this book it would be tough to keep it away even if there are many flaws (Checkout for our negatives below).

This book has a well defined plot which user cant predict of what happens next (something I generally love). The suspense adds a seductive charm to it. Characterization and plot  has been defined well.

and there are some negatives,

Dull cover pic, this is a turn off for the people because it lacks brightness and beauty for  who want to purchase this book. This is just not a one go book as there are several editing and grammatical errors. This book can be edited and presented in a lot better fashion than this copy . I think the author would note this point and rework on the same so that you have an awesome Thriller book in the next edition.

Verdict Summary:

If you love mysteries and thriller, you will definitely love the way the author Hadrian has put this book making this a must read book. I loved reading it even though there were some flaws that I adjusted myself. I recommend this book only for the subject is very enchanting and something different from Harry potter types but again I am not satisfied by the way the book is presented.

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