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Synopsis :

This is an anthology of six stories by six different women writers. Each story is as unique as writer itself. You will find yourself experiencing different emotions through different stories. Although the writers are different, the emotion is the same. Full of love and positivity towards life and situations.

The compiler has done a beautiful job in selecting and giving us this beautiful book to cherish forever.

My Take ;

The first story is by Chaitra Anumula, a published writer, and master of her art. The story, “Gurudakshina ” portrayed the pious relation of a teacher and disciple. And we saw how their soul united at the end after a trying and bitter journey.

The second story is by Dhanya Sunil, a civil engineer by profession builds her story “A Promise of Love ” on strong pillars of relationships. A strong bond between two souls, a beautiful bond between a heart mother and her daughter, leave us teary-eyed and make us fall in love some more with this collection.

The third story is by Janki S.Thakkar, a homemaker and storyteller is as perfect a storyteller as her editing. In her story ” Serendipity…Love By Fate ” she not only portray the lovely bond between a couple but also talk about some age-old evil customs and how a woman fought with them and start a new life for her.

The fourth story is by Kavita Birjuka Sharma, a published author, and a famous name. Her story, “Desire”, portray a girl which belongs to a conservative middle-class family and heartbroken from a broken engagement. How she met her soul mate is so intriguing a tale to read.

Fifth story is by Munirah Plumber, a famous storyteller, and homemaker. Her story,’ The Bargain’, is a beautiful journey of a couple who is bound together because of family obligations but soon developed feelings for each other and fall in love and found their happy ever after.

The sixth story is by Triveni Dalal Jhaveri, an educator by profession. Her story ‘Advantage -Love ‘not only portray the bond between a maasi and her sister’s daughter Riya but also the beautiful love which blossomed between Riya’s coach and maasi.


Whether you are a romantic person by heart or not, this collection is just for you. Read it, gift it to your loved ones. This is an anthology which is a must buy for enjoying in a rainy day with a cup of coffee or lifting up your spirit on a day when you feel low. Because this collection portrays all the emotions of our day to day life and also make us realize the value of our loved ones.

So people , don’t wait , Grab your copy Now !!

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