Donna lives for adventure, is a passionate explorer and loves deep sea diving. She has vowed to dig out the great sunken treasure of the Indian Nizam. Donna’s dark past and unhealed spiritual wounds drift her aboard an old submarine, along with a veteran handpicked crew. And as the sailors say, “Waves are not measured in feet or inches, they are measured in the increment of fear.” The expedition that ensues flips Donna’s life forever.
What if your most awaited journey turns into a nightmare? What if you find yourself surrounded by bloodthirsty scavengers, knowing it is not a dream? If you are gritty enough, here is an extraordinary story for you.
42 Days of Love is a thrilling tale inspired by true events, weaving together desire, love, fear, death, and the will to survive all odds.


Is it about love? No. But the cover says so?  And what do 42 days of love mean?

An expedition to Sentinelese seawaters to find out a lost treasure during Nizams time. The first thing I did is that I swiftly brushed through the chapter titles and easily made a palpable shot to understand the overall story. A mission, some romance, a foe within, and a journey back home. No prevue needed- the chapter titles are adequate to comprehend it all at least at a high level.  The story is fast marched, but the journey gets worse as the book evolves and this keeps the sheets turning.  As expected, there are heaps of twists and turns across the sail and then the enemy within, Sentinelese man-eaters and much more.

The cover and title don’t match the plot. it is not a love story and more of a noxious mission. Also, there could have been one character who is filled with humor. This book needed more humor at least in the beginning. The authors made some attempts, but I wished it was more. Donna leads the narrative but most of the time, David has been shown as the spearhead. Authors could have worked on the character portrayal to make it fascinating. This book is an easy read and not thought-provoking much. Good thing is that the authors managed to add motivation and moral between the lines.

I admire the modest effort of these authors to tell something new in a diverse style taking one day at a time, but some wabbly ends are noticeable and should have been revised. The eloquent and unpretentious writing makes it an easy laid back read and can drive the novice reader troop.

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