!!!Varuna ke hain Nain hazaar!!!
!!!Indra ke sau!!!
!!!Apke-mere, kewal do!!!

‘Seven Secrets of Shiva’ is written in such an unhackneyed and pristine manner that it makes us look at the old lore with a new spectacle. By the time we’ve all learnt to perceive the concept of god just the way we wanted to. Devdutt Pattnaik has the expertise in deconstructing these concepts and discuss them thoroughly in a language which is simple yet clutching. Surprisingly, you never feel the need to take your eyes off the pages even for a moment. The reason can be both the multi faceted meaning of Shiva’s being or Pattnaik’s approach to unravel the hidden, untold or partially told secrets that keeps you on it until the end.

Shiva, Devon ke Dev, Mahadev, famously known to be the destroyer among the three Devas, is actually the destroyer of fear! Because deconstruction leads to reconstruction. Understanding Shiva is to acknowledge both the bigger truths of the infinite universe and the trivia of commonplace ground reality. Shiva’s journey from being an indifferent, self indulgent, self absorbed Tapasvin to an attentive Shankara, the savior, the father, the lover, the teacher, the guide, the philosopher provides us insights we never seek to learn from the popular tales. The Ardhanareshwar Avatar, the Nataraj and Lingeshwara encourages broad way of thinking in our narrowly paved minds which is very much needed for our society to flourish.
This book enlightens you, helps you revitalize your senses, invigorates your belief in God and restores your faith in humanity and love.

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