We believe that happiness and love is moving to the next place, the next job or being with the next partner. But, you will never find happiness and love anywhere until you get uncomfortable with the differences in people and be selfless with your needs. Be more of a giver than a taker. Amelie’s disappointment with herself and the imperfections around her led to the path of self-love. Love is when someone else’s happiness is more important than your happiness.

Self-love is not selfish unless and until you don’t show it to others. Loving someone unconditionally is about serving the needs of those around you or the person you love. Love is about affection, compassion, and empathy. Amelie needs to stop looking for perfection and focus on building a solid relationship with herself first and only then can she bond with others and help them.

Her relationship with Peter and Steve in different situations made her understand that ‘me’ is not important. The ‘other’ is what is important in any relationship we hold with people. She understood this by indulging in a relationship with herself. It will make us uncomfortable but that will give us autonomy from everything.

Amelie understood that love is a choice, a deliberate action and not a feeling like visitors—they come and go but what stays is love. It will free us. It is attachment that binds us. Love means growth, commitment and staying strong and being grateful in life no matter how grave situation may be.

Everything starts with us first, and only then can we welcome the differences in the world and the people. Real love involves being uncomfortable.

Get ready for the uncomfortable journey of Amelie


This is a short book so I would keep the review .. very short.


This is probably one of the worst edited books. I would blame the editor here more than the author. There are so many places one can point out for editing/grammatical and even typos- not good!

Setting that aside, this book is a fast-paced read even though the message about love is not unique. The cover and Title is catchy and has a great potential to be a great book but it needs to be groomed thoroughly.

Shreesha has done justice in the way she described the story and I loved the way the story progressed giving enough character development. The author has kept it honest- her writing style is captivating though it needs improvement as well.

This for a debut book- I loved the book and can hold the book close to my heart. But I hate the edit.

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