In the serene tempo of classical Soviet literature charmingly merged into modernity, Bayan is a unique blend from among the work of Pramudith D Rupasinghe.
Bayan begins in the sunny Ukrainian summer and ends with a hidden, deeply meaningful message. It is not only the story of a strange, bearded old man who finds solace and a soulmate of sorts, in a traditional string instrument, while facing a common narrative of his era; it is a commentary on life, and a celebration of the ultimate coming of age.
It juxtaposes the failure of physical strength and faculties to the accumulation of immense emotional fortitude. It lulls you into feeling safe in spite of the passing of transient seasons, the waning of political ideologies and the inevitable disintegration of the corporeal being.
Bayan tells about changing world`s order, revolutions and the ravages of time, the music of life will go on.


Author Pramudith is a humanitarian who inscribes tales of people and more importantly tales of survival. This book ‘Bayan’ has already been translated into 5 languages. The story that is set in diverse cultures should unquestionably be well dug. Pramudith has managed to sell beyond marketable fads and across frontiers.

Now to the book, Bayan is a very enthralling and compelling book. I chose this book to deeply understand the cultural, political, and surroundings of the USSR.  I have read some books about the USSR wars in the past but this book is different. The book commences in the past but goes further to the future bringing an abstract representation of the future. This meaningful read has a literary charm with its poems and letters.

However, It’s not an easy read. It needs you to sit back and reflect and then to take enough time to digest your perceptions.

Ultimately the reason to read Bayan is not its timeliness or its insight into war or survival, but because it accomplishes what the best fiction sets out to do: It drops you into a world you could not otherwise visit and makes you care deeply about what happens there.

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