Young Majnu, unable to put up with harsh conditions at his orphanage, runs away at the age of ten. He enjoys his free, untamed life, until he’s slammed in the face with adversity again. 

With a helping hand from lady luck, Majnu paves his way to becoming a doctor against all odds, like he always dreamed of. Finally in medical school, he is charmed by all that he finds around him, including a beautiful girl… 

But one day, he finds something from his past that can change everything. He has a shot at having something of a family of his own, if only the gory past can be overcome. 

The women in his life are most influential. Assault, betrayal, crime– Majnu can’t even begin to fight the evil they’ve come across. Though all women aren’t the same, as he realizes soon, for strength and courage aren’t the character of only a man, and neither are insensitive, subtextual games of pride. 

When Majnu has a chance to avenge his past and save innocent children from their dreadful fate, he can’t let it go. Will the good luck save Majnu till the end? Or will he lose everything in the attempt to make things right? 

Read on to find out


There's this boy I know; good, balanced and brave,
It's the one to whom this poem I gave. 
He runs on hard work and merit of his very own, Sensitive inside, though from outside he's a stone. Though already untainted and exemplary like a sage, Still he humbly searches for his own faults to change.

I know his eye is set on a goals far up in the sky;
Intent in the right direction and intelligence beyond compare, he's sure to fly.
There's this boy I know; good, balanced and brave 
And it's his heroic heart I now crave 
These are feelings I do hope I needn't tame 
In the disheartening event that he doesn't feel the same.

It might not be so wrong to review Sameera Kotta’s new novel, Beyond What Meets The Eye, with the simple declaration that it is exceptionally good.

The protagonist Majnu, a college student raised in an orphanage which he didn’t like who then joins medicals amidst his dark past.

I did enjoy the brief chemistry between Majnu and Charming Soumya and then with the soulful Varsha. There are places where the book is a like a life lesson of commitment and true love finding. For all I know about this short book is that it is kept as honest and thoughtful as possibly can.
“Keep one eye on the goal, and the other one looking for anything which might throw you out of the track” – a great moral indeed.

Sameera has beautifully elaborated the college life with ragging nuisances, love, and betrayal. The dark secrets of the orphanage where children were converted to Christianity forcefully.

This book is indeed a fast-paced -one sitting book. There are some places where the editing could have been better which may hit grammar nazi’s- but for me, there are no complains as this book is wonderfully crisply written. No dragging parts anywhere. Beautiful and gradual characterization of Majnu from a playful to sensible guy keeps the book fast-paced.

Talking about outer beauty, this is one of the most catchy titles for a book I have read in the recent past and the title meets the eye and the story beyond.

With this novel, Sameera provides a depiction of true strength through the Majnu- a true survivor—those who have withstood tragedies enacted against them by powerful people who ultimately feared their own powerlessness.

Beyond What Meets The Eye is flawlessly paced and deeply nuanced—a gorgeous, sensitive novel that is spellbinding, honest and supremely satisfying.


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