Aditya Gokhale – a cynical, skeptical, reluctant teenager, and Radha Bose – a hard-working, professional, determined private investigator, end up working together. Their first case is to figure out whether the death of a television actor’s son is a suicide or murder. With Aditya’s personal life in disarray, and Radha dealing with her own demons, will they be able to put their differences in personality aside and work together? Will the partnership crash and burn, or will it be the birth of a duo?



Right from the foremost page, you will start loving this book and more than that you will love the characters Aditya and Radha. The brashness of dejected Aditya and his witty dialogs with his mom even in serious circumstances keeps you hooked to this book from the very start.

Aditya is depressed, severely depressed. He is harsh towards his therapist that he specifies that all therapists are storytellers and has a mask which deceits for living.

And then he meets a private Investigator, Radha Bose who is equally cynical. And the tale goes on…

As Aditya and Radha grow closer, physically and psychologically, the two experience and share what it truly means to live—and die. Readers will be floored by Chandrayan’s painstaking attention to detail, especially in his unforgettable descriptions of the emotionally charged interactions.

Only let down for me is that cover could have been better. But never judge a book by its cover- but if you have a catchy cover, you are definitely catching more readers.

Chandrayan has established characters that are detailed, crusty and brittle! And there are high gambles that you will tumble for these characters. The writing is purely outstanding and sets a tone for how a book must be inscribed. No sad or bad masalas just for the sake it. This book has all the latent to advance as a film. The story orbits on how these characters evolve amidst the chaos. You travel along with Aditya to comprehend what it means to be cynical, skeptical, reluctant and depressed and the author has described all these emotions beautifully in his wonderful debut tale.

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