A Story of love and ambition set around the creation of a dream school in the Little Red Dot of Asia, Singapore

Shekharan is consumed by the fire of ambition – so much so that he ends up scorching his lady-love Angela’s beloved dream. She is faced with heart-wrenching choices. What does she sacrifice? Is she able to pull back her pet project from the edge of disaster? ‘Bonds of Freedom’ unravels the dramatic answers to these and other riveting questions.


The blurb doesn’t talk much about the story but just teasing the readers on what to foresee out of this beautifully weaved picturesque spectacle of the charisma of storytelling. For a debutant author, this book is already a chef-d’oeuvre of a debut. The lingo used is sharp and so catchy that only some authors manage to achieve it.
Shalini did an incredible job of telling a fabulous tale of the choices we make and the decisions we take. How these decisions change the future as a whole

How some bonds give you freedom?  Perhaps because they are fused with the true motive to evolve.

“A man and woman,
two flintstones,
to strike together,
to emit fires,
that do not burn, but warm “

The book is maddeningly natural from a story standpoint but the formation, simply ingenious.

Shalini creates in magical detail and is just as distinct and credible in her portrayal of the educational system for the future.

An effortless read but again- simply masterful.

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