Modern-day cities burst with social ills that are killing our health and happiness. They are mired in an energy and Environmental crisis. Human values have nosedived, as we aim for vertical growth. The poems in this book are a reflection of the disorder and disarray we are grappling with, while urbanization contaminates not just the air, but fouls our hearts too.


“Your car is really sexy and hot,
It melts the coolest one – The Glaciers”

The poems express so much about the poets differed inward and besiege experiences. The poems are well expressed in a way that you see things clearly amidst the haze and with that, you have some vital life lessons. Talk about the decisions we take and the things we abandon for the better good. Primarily, this book shows the insincerity of mankind. Like in the poem ‘Bottled Up’ – where the poet infers that we rip the ground and then sip the mountain water. It brings back to the same old question. How do we neglect something so important?

The poet often formulates, for example, that insight springs from daily moments; the hazard lies in not identifying them.
Some of the outstanding poems that I liked are Lost Footwear, Starved Humanity, Hacked, Smile and Sleep, Asthma, Nostalgia, Carbon Tale.

There are almost 115+ poems that take you around the city and then to your household. Then it takes you inside your psyche and soul. A beautiful accumulation of poems that you would adore to read unhurriedly like a glass of wine or tea or with it.

This book is highly recommended as it conveys some meaningful messages that need to be let out and heeded, and most importantly it should be worked upon.

Gentle, soulful poems that sparkle a lucid light on human hypocrisy and urbanization.An eye-opener in bitter reality and brisk urbanization.

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