Demonetization came as a bolt from the blue to every Indian on 8/11/2016. Most people were hurt financially, while Arjun, Nisha and Sunny saw their world tumbling down before them. Left with no other option but to combat against it, they decided to stand by each other to confront the emotionally catastrophic situation together. While the nation was struggling to get in terms with the unprecedented economic turmoil, they had other social evils to stand up against as well.



Indranil Roy is a teacher by profession- He authored the much-applauded novel, The Man Behind the Teacher’s Desk.
The cover shares the first imprint- currency in a bubble hiding the glare. The blurb indicates that this book will talk about a highly debatable topic in recent times- The demonetization. The settings are placed on Howrah, West Bengal. Honestly, the blurb could have been better as it miscarries to give that impression. I would have loved if the blurb specified a bit more of demonitization trauma.
The story deals with friends and family dealing with an emotive crisis. It seems there were just unlucky or were they?
As Indranil mentioned it right in the acknowledgments, the simpler the better. This book positions out to a simple laid-back read and every chapter has its own essence. The essence of dark reality and retribution.
Honestly, the initial 40% of the book was a bit sluggish but once you make it- the magic of storytelling trails.
Another comical take is how the value of 100 rupee note during the demonetization period increased. Personally, I have no abhorrence towards demonetization as an idea- a historic pronouncement indeed, but it could have been managed better and Indranil’s story takes the same idea in this book.
Talking about the characters inside, I felt it was crusty and fitting to the story and the character development was ease and arduous. Indranil has made a modest effort to keep the story hassle-free and unpretentious.
This is a highly recommended read as this book takes you to a roller coaster dark and disheartening story that some have painstakingly suffered in the demonetization phase.

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