When was the last time you read some modern sea stories—stories of ships and the seafarers who man them? Tales of adventure, love, romance, piracy, intrigue. And human nature? Well, look no further. These are twelve stories of the sea, but not necessarily for seafarers alone. They are for anybody and everybody who likes to read fiction. And a ripping good yarn, as Sailors used to say once upon a time. Written by a sea Captain who has spent his entire adult life at sea, more than forty years on the waves and still counting, these are stories set in the 70s, 80s up till the present day. Will you come aboard now? The voyage is about to begin



When was the last time you read a splendid sea story? This book is a assortment of stories by the seaman himself and there are 12 chapters with short sea stories of love, romance, piracy, conspiracy, and human nature.

This is a book of 192 pages with short stories of the expedition.

The blurb is interesting, and the book cover is well thought and alluring. The title stands out speaking just what you would want to expect from this book. It has 4+ pages of appendix for people to comprehend more about marine terms. I love how the book was edited with designs of the waves at the footer of every page. Now I know more of them- I just need to get my ship and just get my Pirate mode on.

Most of the chapters are fast-paced. Having spent his entire adult life in the marine, the author makes this book an authentic read and more significantly – we feel his knowledge talks.

An immaculate narration with unpretentious language makes this book a light easy read. It is also gratifying that by the end of this book- you would know many marine terms, problems, and excursions. Beetashok gives that promise and he has kept it in this book. Some stories like Stairway to heaven, the piano man and blue sapphire are my favorites 🙂

So, if you are a reader of an exploratory book filled with whodunits. This is your book as this is interesting, innovative and more importantly wholly exclusive.


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