A family of British descent resided in Dehradun India. Ron, the only child in the family, finds tough to cope up with study & relationships.

The strained relation with his father took him closer to his grandfather nicknamed by him as ‘Dadu’. The mischievous Ron finds a best friend in him. The bond grew stronger with time.

His grandfather had given him five gifts on his consecutive birthdays. He partners with him in daring adventures filled with mystery & thrill. His inquisitive self finds confidence in the fictional fantasy equipped short stories told by Dadu. Ron’s mischiefs & pranks add colours to Dadu’s boring life.

Ron relates every adventure and story(told by dadu) to the five gifts given by Dadu. He appreciates the meaning of life in them.

It helps him in decoding the secrets of success & handling relationships. It shaped his thoughts & life which had made him excel in his studies & career


This book can be read for any age. It is all about a relationship of a boy called Rohan who became Ron and his grandpa Dadu who was a wing commander and all these stories takes place in Dehradun.

The five Gifts are,

” Magnifying Glass”- Be logical at every step

,” Hour Glass”, -Respect time. It will not come back.

” Violin”,- Don’t forget to enjoy the life

” Mirror” – Be true to yourself

and ” Pebbles “.- Gather memories in your life.

Book is divided into five parts and each part is dedicated to each gift and each part has four wonderful stories and life lesson for Ron – the protagonist.

This will take you back to your adolescence. This book has sequels that are yet to come- ‘Crazy Stupid Classmates’ and ‘Ron and the secret society of ghosts’

This book is motivational and the author is a fan of Sandeep Maheshwari himself has created those pebbles of insight out of this book.

The book has pictures along which gives a glimpse of the book. But the cover could have been better. The blurb is a bit clumsy for the book- a minimal blurb and book cover would have made this aesthetically gorgeous.

The apex of this book is the simplicity – a casual approach but the format was a bit hush. The vow of this book is that it will ponder over how these 5 gifts are described and the author keeps to the promise.

Perhaps something that is missing here is that the book could have been formatted a bit better. The book could be still revised to add more erudite value without leaving the simplicity.

One of the other books that can be related is the leader without a title by Robin Sharma.

This book is an easy read for someone who would want some quick simple life lessons that are enough for a quality life. I may not call this book as a very significant work by Samar deep but the author has a great potential to grow in his upcoming books if he considers the aspects that I mentioned.

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