is a thorough account of all aspects of life that a soul must traverse to learn through a human incarnation. It demystifies mind, body, emotions, money, relationships, past lives, karma, ego, diseases and nirvana. It is a discernment worth every revelation for it unfolds profound concepts that hold the power to transform and heal the reader as they indulge in the riveting examples. The author has used her experience from client therapies to untangle complex relationship scenarios and other life situations to slide to the root cause of what might be the issue.

The ease with which the book unfolds the pristine path to self recognition, leaves the reader empowered with a new perception to life.



The opening sight of this book – It felt like a voyage of life, death and beyond. The vicious cycle of karma. One other book of this kind is Life and Death By Rajendra Thakur which is in my TBR list.

Minal has inscribed this book in a form where the goddess is talking about the diverse facets of life which in turn incites you to contemplate self-awareness and this can take you to the next level.

In the very first chapter, Minal talks about elements of life- Air, Fire, Water, Sun, and Moon.

and goes on to explain different laws of nature

  • Law of Death- allows contemplation and renovation in perspective in-between lives
  • Law of Opposite- dual outlooks
  • Law of Eternity- everything that exists now will always exist and thus it is infinite perceptions of self through this jiffy.
  • Law of Uniqueness- exclusive aspect which exposes a new dimension of me.
  • Law of Oneness- any impression on anyone leaves a vibration ripple
  • Law of Truth- Truth is complete and beyond perceptions.
  • Law of Love- Love is the breath of life and is the godly order.

The book cover represents an olden symbol called Unalome which represents one’s expedition to self-recognition.


There are abundant self-explanatory illustrations in this book which adds to the heart of understanding. Besides, some poems in italics extend the thought progression of the readers.

This book gave me the simplicity of presence, you can literally pick any of the topics from any page and start reading.  The book is a rehabilitation course on its own for self-healing. It has been a deep philosophical read arranged out in a modest yet thought-provoking dialectal.

The use of language is tight and clear, the metaphorical values fully explored and, because of the narrative line and depth, the arc of the collection as a whole will draw in the reader. This collection will be especially absorbing to almost any human who would want the feeling to know about self.

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