She tries to save the world …

… but can she save herself?

Ulka trained besides the Sigma, but unlike them, her powers remained dormant.

Until a ballistic weapon finally awakened her hidden abilities and flipped her world upside down.

As Ulka struggled with her new found powers, a Magnetar raced toward earth, causing tides, volcanoes and tremors. The super-humans sent to counter the Magnetar never returned, and Ulka is the world’s last hope.

Even if she succeeds, there’s a much bigger threat lurking in the shadows, waiting to unleash a fate worse than death.


Ingeniously structured and so incredibly engaging; this novel is as ambitious as its heroine!

This is the origin story of Ulka- the first of many from the Superheroes of the multiverse and is a compelling read.

I don’t graze a lot of superhero stuff, but this book kept me hanging- on a rock edge cliff. I hope the next book is waterproof, I would see myself dipping from this cliff to the ocean. It’s that good.

Going back to the plot, the city of Swarna- our heroine has a power untried which is meant to save the planet of course- don’t look up- an incredible thing from the sky that is going to wound the world and dine it to pieces and will Ulka be able to protect the world?

A modest narration – keeping it very natural for a sci-fi-magical quandary is not easy and Varun does a striking job making this book an effortless read for all.

One extra USP of this book is keeping it superfast- there is no way you will be bored! Simple narration and a superfast plot make this book a roller coaster super ride.

I have reviewed previous works from Varun! Varun Sayal mixes science theories like Heisenberg and philosophies like Nietzsche and blends this into the fine bite of literature with extra toppings of humor.

Brace yourself, an Indian superheroine is on her way to bringing more adventure into our lives.

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