IWL season 2 is the story of revenge, love, deception, loyalty and triumph of good over evil.


Love does Conquer All

As soon as I finished Sabira Mallick’s “Ishq Wala Love 2”, the first thing I remembered was Chaucer’s Prioress of his Canterbury Tales and her pendant which said, “Love Conquers All”. At the surface level the novel is a love story but the dimensions it explores are different. The novel explores the power of the connection and bond love creates among human beings. So much so that without actual communication senses work and develop as instincts.The power and strength love for someone can give is explored in the story.

It can be said that the story is a step beyond or the next level of the college romance “Love Never Dies” by the author. Here the struggle for the lovers was to get united in matrimony. But in “Ishqwala Love 2” the story begins after the marriage of the protagonists. This is what makes the book interesting to be read not just youngsters but adults also. The cover of the book shows the protagonists together and surrounded by fire. That clears that they are at each other’s side and against the world.

The style of writing is casual and serious at the same time. When the lovers are shown together, it becomes casual and full of love. But when the situation changes, so does the style become serious. The plot is swift and action packed. The reader doesn’t get bored or lose track of what comes next. The characters are very lively and realistic with human qualities and flaws. How love affects people differently is also explored in the different characters who the author creates as villains.

One remarkable fact about the novel is that it is a modern romance where the beloved is not docile and voiceless as in Spenser’s “Epithalamion”. Rather she is bold, daring, wise and more powerful than her male counterpart. She is prudent and knows managing and balancing the situation. Today’s women can relate more closely with such a character.

It is a one time read for all those who want a glimpse of life after the happily ever after (marriage of the lovers).

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