This is the 3rd and the last installment of the IWL series wherein the characters of stories “Ishqwala Love” and “Love Never Dies” have been brought together.

Witness the ups and downs of the different characters and how they emerge winners to lead a happy life


First Things First, after reading Sabira’s pre-sequels and then getting to this book, it felt there was an incredible enhancement of how the book, plot and character portrayal streams. This book is better read along with the Ishq Wala Love series 1 and 2. It was how lovers get together in the foremost book, then the adversities they face marrying each other in the subsequent book and welcoming the parenthood in this last book. As discussed in our previous reviews, the chronicle is even, and love is always in the air. When I say always- it’s always.
This final and ultimate book of this series (or maybe there are more) talks explicitly about the adversities they face in the motherhood and eventually parenthood (you will know why If you read this book)
So, when you are swotting a book of the series, mostly it’s about how you feel about the story than any other aspects. The common aspects of all these books are Hindi songs and DDLJ feel all over. The chapters being significantly small and the riveting tales. And as explained in other reviews, the protagonist is bold, daring, wise and more powerful than her male counterpart and this has been throughout the series.
I would congratulate Sabira for her attempt to bring the series live.
If you think you may die of too much sugary romance, then don’t pick this book. But, if you are into lovely Hindi romance and like to listen to Hindi songs and want some short reads of romance – then this book is a must try.

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